How to Bring Your Customer Service Up Another Notch

December 5, 2018

Alper Kizar

Is providing great customer service a priority for your business?

If you want to retain customers and grow your business, you know you must provide a great customer service experience both before and after a purchase. Increased competition means you must re-assess and tune your service levels to proactively support your valued customers, including making all your customer interactions as easy, enjoyable and secure as possible.

Customer interactions with siloed and inaccessible data, missing or delayed information can result in a lousy customer service experience. Almost every business today has implemented telephone support via an agent. The problem is, phone support alone no longer meets the way we function in our daily lives due to the communication options the digital age has brought to us all. We are all used to getting what we want, when we want it. While telephone support has its benefits, it can also be a frustrating experience of long hold queues which can get worse if an agent is missing information about a customer’s account when they finally talk.

To address this, many businesses have implemented other methods to provide support to customers. Self-service portals and mobile apps enable customers to find answers at a time of their own choosing, but may have limited options when self-service falls short and a support rep engagement is needed. It may be time to take the next step and add a secure messaging channel to your portal and app.

Here are some ways to take your customer service to the next level with secure messaging:

1. Put a pre-built secure messaging channel on your website

If you provide a ‘contact us’ messaging feature on your website, but caution against sending any sensitive information through it, you limit the opportunity to help your customers. Particularly when it is easy to provide a convenient and secure mechanism for your customers to send a secure message with attachments to appropriate internal divisions or persons. General inquiries can be routed securely to the correct customer service representative based on subject or content or any attachments. The cool thing is you can even track and audit all of the two-way messaging communications enabling you to monitor your customer service processes, and support your security and compliance policies.

2. Put a secure messaging center inside your customer service portal

If you want to have more flexibility, integrate a secure messaging center right into your customer service portal, so you can tailor it specifically for your exact use-cases. Rather than having two separate systems, make secure messaging just another function of your portal, so your customers don’t get confused and can save time by not having to go to a different system.

3. Enable your mobile app with secure email & file exchange

We use our mobile phones and rely on them so much that many businesses provide apps to customers for self-service. While getting at information is valuable, the inability to ask questions or exchange sensitive information via messaging, file exchange or screenshare is frustrating. Secure message center capabilities can be easily integrated into customer service apps via RESTful APIs. Happier customers are stickier customers!

4.Enable your CRM for secure two-way communications and data exchange

So, how many of you as line of business owners use Customer Relationship Manager (CRM) software in your business that has integrated secure two-way messaging and file exchange capabilities with your customers? A secure message center connects easily with popular CRMs, ticketing systems and contact centers to enhance the use of built-in email channel support with end-to-end message encryption for security and compliance purposes, including the reports necessary to prove it.


Whether you are in healthcare, financial services, or any other business – secure, timely, and easy customer service is smart business; not just the latest trend. Step up your customer service experience by enabling secure message center capabilities on your website, self-service portals, and in your backend applications to empower your customers and employees with secure and easy two-way communications. Your customers will be happier, and so will you.

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