Three good reasons to secure your digital communication workflows

July 26, 2017

Christian Grunkemeyer

Secure Digital Communications Workflows

Reason #1:

Secure digital communications workflows are required, whether by government or industry regulations. If you don’t comply you could end up paying large fines. You could lose the right to provide certain services or products. And your reputation could suffer from the public shaming regulators often impose on a company – such as the Department of Health and Human Services Office for Civil Rights “wall of shame” of major breaches affecting 500 or more individuals. As of July 9, 2017, 149 breaches impacting almost 2.7 million individuals have been added to the HHS’ wall.

Reason #2

Your employees, customers/constituents, partners and organization’s need their digital communication workflows secured even if they don’t know it. All of these entities are demanding newer, easier ways of doing things, especially through mobile apps. There are literally thousands of apps that can be downloaded to a mobile device. And many of these apps exchange data and files, making them a part of your digital communication workflows.  All too often you don’t know about them until something bad happens.  And even when you do know about them, pressure to “get business done first” means security gets set aside or has a lower priority. A recent study from Bromium found that 64% of IT professionals admit to “lowering the security bar” to give workers more flexibility to be more productive. And 94% of these IT Pros said users are more concerned about getting work done than security.  These are stunning and scary statistics – especially when combined with the increasing incidence of attacks -successful or otherwise.

Everyone knows you should secure your digital workflows.  You are likely exchanging data and files with those whose security standards are not as high. You can’t force everyone else to protect their data, but you do have control over your own. Research from the University of Portsmouth shows that 66% of medium/large business have experienced a breach in the last 12 months. Not protecting securing your digital workflows in this environment is akin to handing the data to anyone. Yet, security is relaxed all the time.

So, what if instead of relaxing security standards because they make getting business done too hard for users, try using technology that works with your users. This on-demand webinar gives several examples of how easy you can make it to secure your digital communication workflows.

Reason #3

You can make money by digitally transforming existing workflows. So here is where the fun begins. Yeah everyone talks about cutting costs, gaining greater efficiencies, giving your constituents a more modern experience. But let’s face it. Wouldn’t it be great if you could actually make money by securing a workflow. That’s the best of all possible worlds and one we love to see our customers achieve.  Here’s an example of how one of our public-sector customers did just that – turned a cost center into a profit center.  [Link to FDLE blog or case study]

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