DataMotion Update: OpenSSL and the ‘Heartbleed bug’

April 10, 2014

Andrea Raglione

We understand some DataMotion customers may have questions regarding the recent OpenSSL Heartbleed bug security flaw. We want to reassure you that DataMotion does not use OpenSSL for any of our SecureMail products or services.

DataMotion does use load balancer systems based on OpenSSL for DataMotion Direct service as well as an OEM partner service. The operations design using SSL transparency through the OpenSSL load balancer is done in a way that was never vulnerable to the OpenSSL (Heartbleed) security flaw. As a part of the ongoing rigor for operational best practices, we applied the recommended patch to the load balancers on the day the flaw was announced (April 7th, 2014).

If you have any further technical questions we’d be happy to arrange a conversation with our VP of Operations.

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Andrea Raglione

Andrea Raglione

Andrea graduated from Arcadia University in May 2012 with a BA in Business Administration with a focus in International Marketing. She obtained her focus in International Marketing from the London College of Fashion and City University in London, England. She currently works on a wide range on marketing programs including digital marketing.

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