DataMotion Direct Secure Messaging Service

Email Encryption Made Fast, Smart and Easy
DataMotion Direct Overview

DataMotion™ Direct allows healthcare providers to send and receive PHI* with other Direct address holders to meet MU2 requirements, comply with HIPAA, and enhance health information exchange.

  • Secure and interoperable
  • Integrates with major EHR/EMR systems
  • Provider and patient addresses
  • Enhance transitions of care
  • Attest for Meaningful Use Stage 2 (MU2)
*Protected Health Information



Government initiatives and incentives have encouraged the adoption of electronic medical & health records solutions from many vendors. Unfortunately, this multi-vendor environment has created individual islands and closed networks of records that cannot be shared easily and securely between healthcare providers using different solutions. This limits the value of EHR/EMR, particularly when consultation across health networks or transitions of care are required.


Based on the national encryption standard for securely exchanging clinical healthcare data via the Internet, DataMotion™ Direct enables secure messaging for healthcare providers, patients, business associates, and clinical systems. Using DataMotion™ Direct, PHI can be sent and received securely, in a manner that conforms to MU2 guidelines. It supports the transmission of a variety of sensitive data, including summary of care documents, large images, and personal messages. Best of all it integrates easily with existing EMR/EHR solutions to fully support in-network and out-of-network communications.

DataMotion is an accredited Health Information Service Provider (HISP), provisioning Direct services that are fully interoperable with other HISPs. When DataMotion™ Direct is entrusted with the delivery of secure messages, documents, and images, that data is processed and stored in a ‘mission critical’ manner following the best practices of strong encryption, checksums, disaster recovery, high availability, and data back-up. Secure data delivery has been the core of DataMotion’s business since 1999 ensuring your ability to meet HIPAA compliance and Meaningful Use requirements.
direct flow


  • Meaningful Use Stage 2 – Meet requirements for secure exchange and Direct
  • Minimize Business Risk – Protect your brand and reputation by preventing data leaks
  • Improve Compliance – Minimize exposure to regulatory violations
  • Seamless Communication – Easily exchange PHI with providers and healthcare systems both in and out of your primary network
  • Improve Care and Contain Costs – Harness the convenience of seamless data exchange through email, file transfer, and the power of cloud computing to make faster and better informed decisions while cutting the costs associated with faxes, printing, postage, and courier services

Product Features:

DataMotion™ Direct delivers enterprise-class security to healthcare providers and business associates of all sizes:

  • Direct Secure Messaging functionality (S/MIME, SMTP, XDM/XDR+SOAP)
  • Integrated with leading EHRs (i.e. Epic, MEDITECH)
  • Certified with over 40 EHR vendors
  • Standalone addresses and use with the Community Web Portal
  • Provides a C-CDA viewer and print functionality
  • Integrates with federated Healthcare Provider Directories
  • Optimized for use with popular mobile devices
  • Automatic certificate management
  • Automatic self-service user onboarding
  • Standardized ONC metrics reporting
  • Handles large image and document files up to 2GB
  • Robust APIs allow seamless integration into EHR systems and patient portals


Featured Customers and Partners

  • Dell
  • Guardian
  • Microsoft
  • Rain Networks
  • Rite Aid
  • SHI
  • Sun Life Financial