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May 30, 2017

Bud Walder

DataMotion and Osterman Research to Present Webinar on Best Practices for Email Encryption in Office 365

FLORHAM PARK, N.J. – May 30, 2017 – DataMotion ™, a leading provider of secure data exchange solutions, today announced the company will present an interactive webinar entitled “Best Practices for Using Email Encryption in Office 365,” on Wednesday June 7, 2017, 2 pm eastern. This free webinar will be co-presented by renowned industry expert,… Read More »

May 2, 2017

Bud Walder

DataMotion Adds Support for Microsoft Azure with SDX Platform

Provides Secure Data Exchange Services for Healthcare, Financial Services, Public Sector and Insurance from a Leading Cloud Services Platform FLORHAM PARK, N.J., May 2, 2017– DataMotion™, a leading provider of secure data exchange services, today announced support for Microsoft Azure on its SDX Platform. The DataMotion SDX Platform is a hub for secure data exchange… Read More »

March 11, 2017

Monica Hutton

Compliance: Duck On the Head is Illegal – and other Crazy Laws

Illegal behavior=non-compliance This morning as I listened to some pundits on CNN argue about a new law that Texas is considering I got to thinking about this blog I posted several years ago about dumb and crazy laws.  (I’ve posted it below). It’s been four years so I thought it would be fun to do… Read More »

February 28, 2017

Bud Walder

Using Office 365 in a CJIS Environment

Moving from an on-premises Exchange server to Microsoft Office 365 (O365) can have numerous benefits. Microsoft promotes its cloud productivity suite to yield better collaboration, increased productivity and a reduced cost of ownership.  Many state and local government agencies eager for those benefits are making a move to the cloud with O365. According to Microsoft,… Read More »

January 6, 2017

Bud Walder

Secure Data Exchange and Simplified Workflows

Organizations exchange files with their customers and partners in many different ways. Their employees may send a customer a file that is too large to fit in the corporate mail system, so they use a purpose-built solution to send files to that person. Employees may also be sending files to systems, and there are other… Read More »

December 14, 2016

Bud Walder

Dr. Peter Tippett, DataMotion co-Chairman and Healthcare IT Pioneer, Honored with Distinguished Alumni Award

FLORHAM PARK, N.J. – December  14, 2016 – DataMotion, an experienced secure data delivery provider, is pleased to announce that Peter Tippett, M.D., Ph.D. and co-Chairman of the DataMotion Board of Directors, was recently honored with the Case Western Reserve University (CWRU) School of Medicine Alumni Board’s Distinguished Alumni Award.  The award recognizes “an outstanding… Read More »

November 15, 2016

Dr. Peter Tippett

Secure Messaging, mHealth Apps and Guiding Principles for Patient Centered Care

In a recently published white paper on patient centered care, the HCTTF (Health Care Transformation Task Force1) identified the need to put the ‘person’ at the center of care and health services. This excerpt is from ‘Guiding Principle #5’: “Person-centered, value-driven health services networks use alternative payment and care delivery models that accelerate the effective… Read More »

November 11, 2016

Is Encryption Enough to Protect Yourself?

With the increase in cybercrime over the past few years, many internet users have turned to encryption in an effort to protect themselves online. Businesses are no exclusion; well-known companies have experienced data breaches within the same time frame and have been trying to ensure their employees are taking preventative action. A lack of security… Read More »

November 7, 2016

Matt Signorello

Is TLS email encryption good enough?

As most people are aware, the need for secure messaging, email encryption or email compliance is on the mind (or should be) of almost all managers inside every business. The need for TLS (Transport Layer Security) can vary from avoiding a data leak, ensuring there are no prying eyes on confidential information or even something… Read More »

September 8, 2016

Monica Hutton

Using Enterprise Encryption – Where Do You Stand?

Earlier this year, Ponemon Institute and Thales e-Security released their 2016 Global Encryption Trends Study.  Conducted since 2005, the study takes a look at how the use of encryption has evolved, where enterprises are at now and the overall impact of encryption on these enterprises’ security. Over 5000 people were surveyed around the world. If… Read More »

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