SecureContact Encrypted Messaging Made Simple


Using your “Contact Us” website link, SecureContact creates an encrypted email channel so your customers can reach you quickly.

The Problem- expensive, lengthy customer inquiry resolution-

Whether it’s a billing dispute, request for test results or other sensitive question, your customers need a quick resolution to their problems. Sending requests via fax, postal mail or overnight courier is expensive and time consuming for both of you. And if personal information is sent over the internet unencrypted, it puts your company at risk of non-compliance. With SecureContact you can cut costs, improve effectiveness and increase compliance.

The Solution – secure customer-initiated email-

SecureContact enables your customers to initiate a secure email to you. Reaching you is as simple as selecting “Contact Us”, typing a message, attaching needed files and clicking ‘Submit’. Your appropriate department receives the message and can respond with detailed information via the same secured pathway. As a hosted service, SecureContact links into your website in minutes and requires no additional hardware or IT support. It also leverages your corporate branding for a seamless customer experience.

securecontact flow chart_080113


  • Military-grade encryption for all incoming messages
  • Built-in tracking of all messages sent, received, opened
  • Cobranded portal
  • Up and running within a day
  • No additional hardware or infrastructure needed
  • Offered on premise or hosted
  • Multiple mail routing destinations via drop down menu
  • Easily handles large files up to 2GB
  • Easily integrates into any website
  • Simple to use encryption – no keys to manage
  • Automatic account provisioning
  • HTML and CSV reporting
  • 24x7x365 monitoring

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Featured Customers and Partners

  • Dell
  • Guardian
  • Microsoft
  • Rain Networks
  • Rite Aid
  • Sun Life Financial